Understand Your Skin Type

Skin is the biggest organ in your body, and is so delicate, it must, not just be cared for, but cared for properly. You see, beauty doesn’t always just happen, it’s planned for.

  • 1. NORMAL
  • 2. DRY
  • 3. OILY

A well-balanced skin with balanced moisture and sebum(oil) content for a healthy glow


Skin with less sebum (oil) and moisture looks flaky, dry and prone to itching, lines, and wrinkles


High level of sebum (oil) production makes it too oily with visible pores and glossy shine


Usually have oily T-zone(forehead, nose, and chin) with enlarges pores and dry or normal cheeks area

How To Use


Wash your face using your favorite cleanser and dry your face with a clean, soft towel.


Once your face is dry, apply Lalu® Rejuvenation Cream for day and night use


Spread Lalu® Rejuvenation Cream and massage gently into your facial skin, using your fingertips.

Proven Effective Results

The secret of inner glow, outward sparkle revealed by users!

"This is a miracle in a jar. For years I suffered from a huge breakout on my face, and all the doctors could do nothing for me … until I stumbled on Lalu® collection cream. In 30 days it changed my face, and my life; so guess what, I not only continue to use it, I bought the formula! It is my pleasure to recommend Lalu® Collection Cream to you.”

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What Our Formula Can Do For Your Skin?

We understand that skin changes are a normal part of the aging

Day Day

Sun Protection

Provides effective protection from the skin-damaging UVA and UVB sun rays to keep your skin healthy

Improves Skin Texture

Dry, rough, imperfect skin texture and enlarged pores improve significantly with regular use of Lalu cream

Nourish Your Skin

A high number of skin-nourishing ingredients in Lalu formulation means your skin is getting all essential nutrients for flawless skin

Reduced Redness

Helps in soothing redness and itchiness to give you refreshing, calm and glowing skin

Lalu® Collections

Night Night

Balances Oil and Moisture

It moisturizes dry and dehydrated skin while balances sebum production in oily skin to maintain a healthy balance


It gently exfoliates the dead cells on your skin surface to make way for new skin cells


The presence of antioxidants makes it a powerful formula for increasing skin cell turnover and fighting against free-radicals and other environmental stressors.

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And what’s more?
Lalu® Rejuvenation Cream customers agree:

"I am simply amazed by this skin care lotion that I have been using. I used to have a dry and acne-prone skin. But after using this cream, I can genuinely see the difference. The cream is youth-rejuvenating, anti-aging cream, full of natural vitamins and anti-oxidants. I have only used this cream for a week and have noticed the difference already. The pores are already shrinking and the acne scars have started to fade. I consider this as a life-changing element and definitely recommend using this cream for everyone."


"Lalu® skin care lotion is amazing and unbelievable and I am here to tell you about it."

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"The cream is just perfect! It feels very natural on my skin. Before, my skin used to be very oily. I tried this cream and this feels so perfect because it is not greasy at all. The best part is, there are no chemicals, and it is completely organic. It makes my skin so silky and feels super smooth. It has worked very well for me and I shall definitely recommend this cream to my friends, family and others as well."


"Lalu® Collection is perfect because it’s non greasy, and works for me."

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"I have been playing football throughout my whole life. I really love the game, but I didn’t like at all what it did to my skin. There were certain times when the acne got so bad that I felt embarrassed and insecure to put off my helmet. But, from the time I have started using La Lu collections, everything has been clear. I feel much better about myself, my skin and with a much better skin; I felt a whole new level of confidence. It works better than any other skins. Anyone who has any issues related to acne will surely benefit from this skin. Try it today!"


"Since using Lalu® Collection, everything is cleared up. Look at me!"

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Take Doctors Recommendation

"Master healer, Dr. Ken Kobayashi offers incredible preventive medicine and the natural way of life through Lalu® Creams and other natural remedies, handed down over three hundred years from generation to generation. Experience nature’s gentle life-force in New York and all over the world."

"Dr. Ken Kobayashi"

“I'm Dr. Ken Kobayashi, and this cream has changed the way my skin looks, bringing me a new shine. I am not getting old; No, I look younger and younger.“

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