Our Clear Skin System, rich in comforting LA Lu Collections, smooths away troubles without the dryness and itch of harsh chemicals. Bring on the balance and watch what it can do.

Enjoy our 3-step system twice a day, and you'll see:
  • fewer blemishes
  • less oil and shine
  • better results over time
  • how easy it is!
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Lalu® Collections

Clinical Study

We tested a group of 43 people. Results Based on Scientific Measurements using VISIA® Complexion Analysis System.

  • 81%

    decrease in the appearance of under eye bags

  • 80%

    decrease in the appearance of dark circles under eyes

  • 81%

    decrease in the appearance of crow’s feet & wrinkles surrounding the eyes

  • 74%

    decrease in the appearance of smile lines

  • 85%

    visual decrease in the depth of forehead lines

Clinical Study Objective

The study is intended to provide absolute proof that Plexaderm works to reduce lines, wrinkles, and bags under and around the eyes in 10 minutes.

This study was performed between January and February 2019 in Florida. Each subject was required to sign a written informed consent, which explained the type of study, the procedures to be followed, the general nature of the materials being tested, and any known or anticipated adverse reactions that might result from participation.


We've created the world's first sponge with a protective barrier that allows makeup to last 2-4x longer while preventing any germs from seeping in! Our coating infuses with the sponge, adhering to all of the micro-pores and enhancing the texture. You've never felt anything like this, it's magic!

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"I am simply amazed by this skin care lotion that I have been using. I used to have a dry and acne-prone skin. But after using this cream, I can genuinely see the difference. The cream is youth-rejuvenating, anti-aging cream, full of natural vitamins and anti-oxidants. I have only used this cream for a week and have noticed the difference already. The pores are already shrinking and the acne scars have started to fade. I consider this as a life-changing element and definitely recommend using this cream for everyone."


"Lalu® skin care lotion is amazing and unbelievable and I am here to tell you about it."

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"The cream is just perfect! It feels very natural on my skin. Before, my skin used to be very oily. I tried this cream and this feels so perfect because it is not greasy at all. The best part is, there are no chemicals, and it is completely organic. It makes my skin so silky and feels super smooth. It has worked very well for me and I shall definitely recommend this cream to my friends, family and others as well."


"Lalu® Collection is perfect because it’s non greasy, and works for me."

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"I have been playing football throughout my whole life. I really love the game, but I didn’t like at all what it did to my skin. There were certain times when the acne got so bad that I felt embarrassed and insecure to put off my helmet. But, from the time I have started using La Lu collections, everything has been clear. I feel much better about myself, my skin and with a much better skin; I felt a whole new level of confidence. It works better than any other skins. Anyone who has any issues related to acne will surely benefit from this skin. Try it today!"


"Since using Lalu® Collection, everything is cleared up. Look at me!"

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